Other raw ingredients
raw ingredients

Regional raw ingredients

Wherever possible, we source the raw materials from the surrounding area. In addition to the milk powder, the cream and sugar also come from Switzerland.

Highest Quality standards

Raw materials that do not grow in our latitudes are imported according to the highest quality standards. For example, organic vanilla from Madagascar, the finest Piedmont hazelnuts or almonds from Valencia.

Cacao butter

Cacao butter plays an important role in the production of our couvertures. It is responsible for constant crystallisation properties and optimal melting and influences the viscosity of our products. Cacao butter is a natural product that can vary greatly in quality. We only use quality cacao butter that has been cleaned and deodorised. In order to ensure our high quality standards, every delivery of the raw material is checked against our quality criteria: The cacao butter must meet the high requirements for crystallisation properties, be free of sensory off-flavours and must not show any colour deviations.


For our couvertures, we only use high-quality bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Our vanilla originates from three cooperatives in the Mananara Biosphere Reserve in the north-east of Madagascar. The traditional knowledge of the local population and the hot and humid tropical climate of the rainforest provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of this delectable Bourbon vanilla.

The production of a vanilla pod is an art in itself: In order to harvest vanilla pods after nine months of ripening, each vanilla flower is individually pollinated by hand. After harvesting, the pods go through several important steps of processing in order that the typical vanilla flavour can develop. From fermentation, which is activated by means of a hot water bath, to gradual sun and shade drying, and then onto quality control, the utmost care and precision is required.