raw ingredients


Switzerland is famous for its excellent dairy products and Swiss milk chocolate has its worldwide devotees. This is why it is important for Felchlin to source the milk powder exclusively from Switzerland as it is the only way to create the incomparable flavour and the melting texture of a Felchlin milk couverture.


Felchlin has been firmly at home in the Schwyz valley basin in the foothills of the Alps for over a hundred years. Surrounded by high mountains, crystal-clear lakes and rivers and lush green meadows, it is important for Max Felchlin AG to use products from the region in its goods. Most of the milk comes from farms that are less than 30 kilometres away from Max Felchlin AG's production site. Felchlin also uses milk from other traditionally important regions of the dairy industry


Felchlin works with Bio Suisse farms when producing organic couvertures. These farms are fully committed to the well-being of their cows and to conserving the natural environment. The animals eat grass, clover and native herbs that they find in the meadows where they spend most of their lives. This strengthens the body's defences. In order to meet organic requirements, the treatment of the cows with antibiotics and the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers on the meadows is prohibited.


In the UNESCO Biosphere in the Entlebuch region of Lucerne, biodiversity is successfully combined with sustainable agriculture. The natural habitat and thus also the people and animals that live there are protected. Because the dairy cows are fed fresh grass in summer and high-quality mountain hay in winter, this milk and the couvertures have an incomparable aroma.