Grand Cru Blüemlisberg

Grand Cru Blüemlisberg

„Schuggi“ from the goat farm

At Felchlin, close relationships with our regions of origin and their raw materials have a long tradition. The proximity to the Geissenhof Blüemlisberg, which is within sight of our production site, is a novelty even for us. In cooperation with and for the Geissenhof Blüemlisberg we produce the Grand Cru "Blüemlisberg". A couverture with the finest goat milk powder and Madagascan cacao. The Grand Cru "Blüemlisberg" is produced exclusively for the Geissenhof of the same name and is independently marketed and distributed by them.

An important mainstay of Max Felchlin AG is not only the production of its own product portfolio, but also individual customer projects. The production cycle at Felchlin is designed to also be able to produce smaller quantities of couvertures. Customers contact us with special requests or bring a special raw material such as cacao beans or, in the case of Blüemlisberg, a special milk. Our experts in sensory, R&D and production know how to make unique products from any raw material.

We accompanied the Grand Cru Blüemlisberg in its creation.