Ralf Wellauer
Corporate Pastry Chef

Growing up in a Confectionery-Chocolate business, which his parents have owned.

Ralf Wellauer's career started with an apprenticeship as a Pastry Chef-Chocolatier in Switzerland. During his apprenticeship training he participated in different contests and won gold and silver medals. At the same time, he continued to become skilled by attending seminars around Europe, with world-renowned teachers.

After his apprenticeship, Ralf Wellauer worked in different first-class chocolate, Pastry businesses and 5-Star Hotels worldwide.

Today he is teaching seminars on a regular basis at the Condirama Schwyz and abroad. Additional to his daily work, he is one of the head coaches for the Swiss Pastry Junior National Team, coach of several Pastry Teams and involved as a Judge member for many competitions.

Ralf Wellauaer PR5 B5080


  • Teacher at the World Pastry Forum in Phoenix, USA and coach of the Swiss National Pastry Team, bronze medallist at the World Pastry Championship
  • Teacher and Jury Member at World Pastry Forum and World Pastry Team Championship in Las Vegas, USA
  • Pastry Chef of the year in Germany